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Case study: Gideon Brothers’ logistics robot in a retailer’s warehouse

Tokić, a car parts retailer, was the first company to test the breakthrough vision-based technology developed by Gideon Brothers.

Tokić, a Croatian car-parts retailer, deployed the first Gideon Brothers’ collaborative logistics robot in early 2019, piloting an ‘on demand’ use case scenario. Tokić thus became the first company in Croatia to introduce fully autonomous mobile robots and the first to test in real life – in a distribution logistics center operating at capacity – the vision-based breakthrough technology developed by Gideon Brothers.

The robots, equipped with stereoscopic cameras and AI software, meshed into the busy warehouse easily. Navigating around employees and moving lift trucks, boxes cropping up occasionally in passages and all the other usual features of a constantly changing logistics environment – none of it proved to be a problem. The real validation came from the employees themselves. Despite initial apprehension, the robot soon got a cute nickname, employees showed enthusiasm and shared feedback openly, and usage spiked once the Gideon Brothers team left the facility after the initial training and oversight period.