Robots that can handle it.

Our innovative AI and 3D-vision technology powers a unique self-driving robot that can see the environment, understand it, and then localize in it – so that it can handle the work, all on its own.


the world around it


its environment


itself in real time


the work on its own


the world around it


its environment


itself in real time


the work on its own


Real-world vision

Vision Module

We designed our Vision Module so robots can see the world just as you need them to – rain or shine and no matter what obstacles get in the way.

Sensor fusion

Using multiple sensors to enhance their vision, the robots can spot every little detail around them so they’ll stay in the right places and get out of the way.


Human-like logic

Recognizing objects

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Our robots can detect and recognize objects using AI.

Detecting pose

But they go a step further. They learn how to handle objects, too. Just like humans do! All thanks to the stereo cameras that help them see their surroundings and keep track of moving objects.


Continuously aware

3D maps

Our robots are continuously aware, thanks to their ability to build 3D maps where they can save natural features and model the world in full 3D detail.

Natural features

They know where they are by constantly comparing features they see to those saved on the map.


Safe and intuitive

Free-ranging navigation

Our robots navigate all on their own. They can plan routes, avoid obstacles, and handle objects with precision and accuracy.

Working well with others

They won’t bump into people or interfere with their tasks. Built-in safety triggers override any situation and immediately stop the robot in its tracks.

Getting started is easy


Plug and play

A couple of hours. That’s all you need to set up a Gideon robot – without interfering with your existing infrastructure. And the robot will get busy mapping out your warehouse.


Reliable performance

Our robots perform the tasks you need them to and with the highest efficiency, even in the most complex environments.


Flexible & scalable

Hectic conditions, complex layouts, lots of moving parts. None of these is a problem for our robots. They’ll avoid obstacles, yield the right of way, and you can fit in as many as you need.


Responsive collaboration

Our robots play well – with everyone. And that’s by design. Because what good are robots if they can’t navigate around the people operating your equipment?

Safety-first design


Enhanced visibility

Audio and visual signals, like blue light and turning lights, increase the robots’ visibility for your team.


360° view

Wide-angle stereo cameras catch low-lying and overhanging obstacles.


AI-powered autonomy

Robots predict motion and recognize human forms for increased safety.


Safety laser scanner

Certified 2D LiDARs (optical radars) trigger an immediate stop for objects detected in safety zones.


Dynamic safety zones

Safety perimeters around the robot increase with speed to optimize reaction time.


Emergency stop buttons

Manual emergency stop buttons are easily accessible.