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Guides for deploying warehouse robots

A series of useful resources to help you research and choose autonomous mobile robots for your warehouse or production floor.

Gideon has created a series of useful guides and other resources to help you research and choose the best autonomous mobile robot for your warehouse or production floor.

While the actual roll-out of Gideons’ autonomous mobile robots can happen in a matter of hours, the decision is never that quick, of course. The Intelligent Automation portal provides reading for all stages of your research:

  • Researching the basics,
  • Finding the best robot and
  • Planning the deployment.


1 Researching the basics

Glossary: Logistics robot lingo

Obscure acronyms and jargon will happen. You are bound to come across AGVs, AMRs, AS/RC, and LiDAR as you research autonomous mobile robots and other tools that automate material movement. This glossary will help you become proficient in the language.


How to use warehouse robots: Typical use-case scenarios

There are three basic approaches to automating your material handling operations with autonomous mobile robots: Goods-to-Person, Person-to-Goods, and On Demand. Take a look at this quick guide to see which of these – and their sub-types – might work best for your operations.

This video shows how DB Schenker uses our robot, and this case study details a pilot at a retailer. A case study examining digital transformation at Henkel also showcases Gideon Brothers.


Trending: Six reasons behind the logistics robot boom

“An exploding market” is how an analyst described the rate at which companies are deploying autonomous mobile robots. Several trends are coming together, all pointing to the fact that robotic systems are a crucial tool to leverage growth, one that has so far remained mostly untapped. Early adopters of warehouse robots stand to gain an edge over competitors.

2 Finding the best robot

Informed decision: What to ask your robot supplier

With new tech constantly pushing boundaries outward, it’s challenging to keep track of what exactly is the current cutting-edge in autonomous robotics. Knowing what to ask a potential robot supplier, beyond what’s included in a sales brochure helps you compare different solutions.


Not all autonomy is equal: Why vision is better than LiDAR

Gideon Brothers autonomy technology achieves breakthrough performance because it is based on visual perception, relying on stereoscopic cameras and AI (deep learning) to understand its environment fully. This overview (short and non-technical) explains how advanced visual perception autonomy works and why the potential is so high for this new exciting tech.


Sneak peek videos: Rolling out and using robots

Our “Easy Logistics” series offers a glimpse at how Day 1 roll-out and set-up look like and how easy it is to set up new rules and ‘missions’ for the robot using the tablet interface. Our “Pallet Handling Robot Guide” video series shows some basic operations, such as changing batteries. Take a look at other videos from customer facilities, or browse through our YouTube channel.

Budgeting: Guide to calculating the ROI of autonomous mobile robots

The breakeven point with Gideon Brothers’ robots depends on market and company but is usually realized in the short to medium term. Wages, worker turnover, the cost of filling vacancies, and various indirect costs – and savings – all influence the calculation. This guide will help you calculate how fast it would happen in your facility.

Internal Communications Strategy: Seven steps to prevent workers’ fears of warehouse robots

Employee attitude towards a planned robot deployment will significantly influence the success of the roll-out. Fears that robots would “take over jobs” is a risk you have to address, so planning your communication with employees, as part of change management, is crucial.

Advice by a change management expert shows how you can help your workers understand that robots change job descriptions – they don’t take away jobs. Read he entire interview with a senior organizational design and change management consultant.