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Everything starts with people

It’s our fifth birthday, and we would love to say thank you to all the people who have supported us through the years.

Everything starts with people

It’s our fifth birthday, and we would love to say thank you to all the people who have supported us through the years: our customers, employees, partners, and investors. Thank you for believing, inspiring, and supporting us on our journey so far.

What about the next five years?

Our vision is to exponentially expand humanity’s capacity to move goods through our global material handling systems. We will achieve this vision by automating its most complex, people-operated processes.

How will we know we’re successful? When we see people becoming designers and supervisors of the automated age. We firmly believe that People, with the help of robots, will do unimaginable things. Our mission is to keep People, not technology, at the center of everything we do during this process.

For five years, we’ve been developing the core components of our AI & Vision-based approach to mobile robot autonomy. Now, in the following months, we will focus on launching a series of entirely new, groundbreaking autonomous mobile robot solutions focused on solving some of the hardest, not-yet-automated parts of the global material handling workflows.

Today marks the beginning of that exciting journey.

New identity to represent
the next phase in our journey

We’re excited to announce our new branding and logo as the first step.We wanted to make it simpler, friendlier, inspired by people, and always in motion. Our new brand is the reflection of why we’re here: to honor and elevate people in everything we do.

Our robots are here to do the hard work, enabling people to achieve things they could not achieve before.

A logo as flexible as our robots

We’ve opted for a temporal logo design to represent constant change. This approach allows us to create logotype variations to address different aspects of our solutions.

Our name

A prominent part of our identity, the Gideon name, will remain unchanged. We are still the same group of people, caring about the same things. The sense of togetherness of all our Gideon sisters and brothers remains deeply rooted in our DNA.

No need to spell it out. We keep it simple. We are the Gideons.

Brand colors

Colors provide a strong visual link to our brand identity across various applications. Like the earlier solution, this one also sports a bold colorway that brings out our company’s joyful spirit, one that is not afraid to do new things.





We’ve also introduced an array of shapes that will become a distinguished visual element of all our solutions, including our robots.

Tone of voice

Our new tone of voice manifests our sense of purpose beyond providing technology. Our voice is very passionate about our why. Our why is short and straightforward: we keep people, not technology, at the center of everything we do. With the help of robots, people can achieve unimaginable things.


We keep it friendly and informal – the world is corporate enough. Our new website, a work in progress, will be the best channel to experience our unique communication style.

Some things never change

Behind the fresh look, we are still the same (but rapidly growing!) group of 140+ people. We remain dedicated to building an essential platform of AI & Vision-based autonomous mobile robots to power the next era of material handling operations.



Thank you

We owe this rebrand to all of you, our customers, employees, partners, investors, all of our friends. Here’s to elevating people throughout the world – with a bit of help from our flexible mobile robots.

Great things are ahead, and we can’t wait to share them with you.