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Gideon to accelerate supply chain AI and automation in collaboration with NVIDIA


Dover, Delaware, and Taipei, Taiwan, June 2, 2024. Gideon, a robotics and AI company specializing in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) powered by proprietary spatial AI and 3D vision technology, announced today it is collaborating with NVIDIA to accelerate supply chain automation with the power of AI.

Gideon, a first-mover in automating trailer loading and unloading processes and an early adopter of the NVIDIA Isaac™ robotics platform, is further optimizing material handling processes  in the supply chain by teaming up with NVIDIA to leverage the potential of NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor across AMR space.

“Gideon’s collaboration with NVIDIA will help address unsolved complex robotics and automation challenges in the supply chain, by combining Gideon’s AI-powered AMR technology and NVIDIA’s accelerated computing.” – Josip Cesic, CEO at Gideon.

Automated solutions are transforming warehouses, driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Over $150 billion is spent yearly on trailer loading and unloading in the US, a workflow still essentially untouched by automation. By implementing automated truck loading and unloading solutions, companies reduce heavy lifting, achieve significant savings, and enhance safety.

Autonomous forklift Trey by Gideon

Trey autonomous forklift in action

Integrating Gideon’s autonomous AI-powered forklift TREY into loading and unloading processes transforms supply chain operations, streamlining workflows and achieving remarkable efficiency gains while reducing workplace injuries. The key enabling technology is an AI and 3D visual perception stack that allows the robot to understand the world in 3D with detailed semantics and dense geometry, making it easy to operate consistently, reliably, and safely in dynamic environments, side by side with people.

“Autonomous mobile robot solutions have the potential to transform the supply chain, warehousing, and logistics,” said Deepu Talla, vice president of robotics and edge AI at NVIDIA. “The integration of NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor modular libraries and AI models into Gideon’s technology stacks helps bring AI acceleration to the logistics sector.”


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About Gideon:
With entities in North America and Croatia, EU, the robotics and AI solutions company specializes in automating material handling processes for logistics, manufacturing, and retail businesses. Its autonomous mobile robots are powered by proprietary spatial AI and 3D vision technology, enabling businesses to automate the most complex warehouse and manufacturing operations and orchestrate workflows of humans, robots, and other equipment supported by real-time data. www.gideon.ai