Frequently asked

If you can’t find something check the FAQs below for help or send an email to

What can I do if I have issues while I’m installing a device with Gideon?

If you have issues with the installation you can read our “Connect devices tutorials” or contact us at



How does Gideon work?

Gideon is a mobile application that allows you to control all the smart devices that are connected to your wifi network. Just download the Gideon app, connect your devices to the Gideon dashboard and it’s ready to use. You can set your scenarios based on your habits or you can let Gideon work for you in a cost-driven mode.



How do you know you can save me money on energy bills?

Thanks to our unique smart algorithms we’ve tested across a full automation of the devices which shows we can help you save up to 30% if the house is in optimal conditions.



How do you handle security of my personal details and financial information?

All the personal details and financial information are encrypted and stored in a secure database that is not accessible.


What support do you provide if the app stops working with my smart devices?

Our customer care team will be available 24/7 If any errors occur on the app while using it or installing we’ll be more than happy to help you. Don’t forget to check what devices can be controlled with Gideon See the full list here.



If I change phone to a new one and lose the app will my data be lost?

No, Gideon is an app fully created and stored in a secure Cloud. If you change your phone your data is still retained. All you have to do is :

  • 1 – Download the App
  • 2 – Login
  • 3 – Use it
  • 4 – Save Money